Mass Campaigns

KSS has a historic record of conducting mass campaigns like rallies, Dharnas, Protest marchs, Secretariat march, state wide vehicle rallies, Hunger strikes. All these campaigns , except a few were successfull in achieving their objectives. Huge participations of the community members especially women and youths, empowered to fight for their rights have made these campaigns successful. The recent campaigns have drawn widespread attention from media and major political parties. Few of our unfullfilled demands especially the inclusion of Kudumbi community in SC / ST list have constantly reached the Echelons of Indian Parliament and State Legislature. We hope the Government, political parties, NGOs, other social organisations understand that our demands are justifiable for eradicating the inherent social, educational and economical backwardness. We expect Kudumbi community shall raise to mainstream standards in days to come and also extend their co-operation for welfare of the society.

Remarkable State Wide campaigns organised by Kudumbi Seva Sangham
  • Kudumbi Maha Sanghamam held at Kaloor International Stadium, Kochi - 23rd-March-2014

    Declaring strategies for 2014 Loksabha election.

  • Historic Mass Protest Rally & Train Picketing at Ernakulam - 30th-May-2012

    Demand for including Kudumbi community in SC / ST list.

  • Jeep rally & Taluk Office / Post office Picketing in various Taluks-2012-2013

    Demanding 1% reservations in Govt. Jobs.

  • Hunger strike in front of State Secretriat ,Tiruvananathapuram - 16-Feb-2011

    Demanding 1% reservations in Govt. Jobs.

  • Jeep rally & Taluk Office / Post office Picketing in various Taluks - 2007-2008

    Demanding 1% State reservation in various Professional courses