Kudumbi Education Trust (KET )- A subsidiary body of KSS


To start up new Educational institutions and other Educational services under KSS. To develop, coordinate ,funding , provide managerial support for such institutions.


The Executive is the highest authority of the trust.
Executive body consists

  • Chairman
  • Managing Director
  • Vice Chairman
  • Asst. Managing Director
  • Executive Director

Director Board

Director Board consists of 5 Executive Members and 20 Directors.

Election of Executive - Director Board - Members

State President of KSS shall be the Chairman and General Secretary of KSS shall be the Managing Director. Director of Trust - Apart from the Chairman and Managing Director, 3 members of Executive of Trust shall be elected from the KSS Executive.

5 Director Board members shall be elected from the KSS Executive, 8 Director Board members shall be the elected from KSS Board members 7 Director Board members shall be elected by the Trust Executive body from the share holders holding the maximum A class or B class shares . They must also fulfill share holder's guidelines of the Trust .

The KET Director Board is elected for a tenure of 2 years. As a exemption, the first KET Director Board shall remain in the office for first 5 years.

Any amendments in the KET Bylaws must be approved in the KSS General Body with a 2/3 rd majority.

Funding and Membership

The KET fund is formed by issuing the monetary share certificates to the members of KSS. 51% of such share certificates are retained by KSS (including all mandatory KSS shaka shares ) and 49% are issued to other members. Any KSS member, Institutions under KSS can become the member of the trust by investing in the KET shares. Based on the weightage point of the total share certificates , the member has an equivalent voting rights in KET general body . The shares are issued in three classes as shown below.

Share Class- Value per share -Weightage

  • A class - Rs. 25,000.00 per share - 5 points

  • B class - Rs. 10,000.00 per share - 2 points

  • C class - Rs. 5,000.00 per share - 1 point

Donations, Advances from members or other KSS institutions are also accepted.

Shares can be re-deemed only after first five years from its issued date.