Our Slogan

Gandhi Krishnan nja-alkku Entheeya aveesha-thin Deepashika Talamura-Talamura yaayi kye-maari kedathe Njankkal Sukshikkum.

Gandhi Krishnan bestowed us the torch of inspiration through generations. We pledge to ourself to preserve and pass the same to our generations to come.

Acharyan Gandhi Krishnan (M.Krishnan)

M.Krishnan was born in Alapuzha on May-14-1910 as the eldest son of Puthenparambil Kochumadhavan and Smt Aammu . Krishnan pursued his schooling at Mohammadans School and SDV High school in Alapuzha. His father was poor shop vendor. He managed with his paltry family income to pay his sons’school fees. It was the period of Indian Freedom struggle and social reformation in erstwhile Travancore state. Many prominent social reformers like Sreenarayana Guru,Chatambi Swami, Pandit Karuppan etc initiated new social reforms, especially for the upliftment of backward communities.They organised and enpowered the masses to fight against social inequality, casteism, illiteracy, superstitions and other outdated social evils. M. Krishnan also got inspired from them. He imbibed the Gandhian values in his life and voluntered himself to uplift his downtrodden community. Thus he came to be known as Gandhi Krishnan. Soon M. Krishnan reached Cochin, joined T.D. High school at Mattancherry and completed the School finals. He was married to Smt GangaBai and settled in Kochi. Soon he met a new generation of educated kudumbi youngsters. In 1932, All Cochin Kudumbi Association was formed at Ernakulam. M. Krishnan was its secretary, Sri. K Raman as President, Sri. K.R. Chandu, Sri. M. Baban, Sri. T.D. Govindan and Sri Minnu were its members. They understood that only good education can socially uplift the kudumbis. But the inherent socio-economic backwardness of the kudumbis was a major obstacle in their progress. On behalf of the association M. Krishnan submitted a memorandum to the Maharaja of Cochin, His Highness Sri. Moolam Tirunal Rama Verma, the ruler of erstwhile Cochin princely state. The request was to grant educational fee concession to the kudumbi community. Soon the Maharaja of Cochin released a Govt. order dated on 12-August-1937 to include the Kudumbi Chetty pupils of Cochin state (recordical / census classification of the kudumbi community in Cochin princely state ) under Depressed classes granting them educational fee concessions. This pioneering initiative was the most commendable achievement of an organised struggle and a historic milestone in the history of the kudumbi community. The organised effort of Gandhi Krishnan and his fellow men is an prelude to the educational fee concessions and Govt. reservations enjoyed today by the kudumbi community in the unified Kerala state.

KSS upholds Gandhi Krishnan's selfless service, leadership, organisational acumen , courage, empathy and love for the community with atmost reverence. KSS draws profound inspiration from him. His service is our guiding vision.

Later Gandhi Krishnan got appointed as a school teacher in Chembu Chira Middle school, Kodakara, Trissur. He had to re-locate with his family from kochi and finally settled in Chalakudy, Trissur. Gandhi Krishnan and his team members also worked for social equality, struggle for our rights, educational upliftment, abolishing superstitions and outdated customs prevalent in the community. On many occasions they had to overcome stiff opposition from local kudumbi chieftains who were orthodox, jealous, selfish and callous about the new social reforms. He had also served in the British Royal Airforce. The official Portrait shows Gandhi Krishnan dessed in the Winter suit uniform of British Royal Airforce. After a prolonged illness in 1944, Gandhi Krishnan passed away in Chalakudy,Trissur. A library namely , Gandhi Krishnan memorial library still functions near Kochumullakal Temple, in Alapuzha. The widow of Gandhi Krishnan Smt Ganga Bai died in 2016 at the age of 90+.. Gandhi Krishnan's Daughter Late Smt. Vilasini Krishnan was a prominent KMSS leader. She was working in Harijan Welfare Department. His son-in-law Sri. C.Krishnan is the former KSS Board Member and a prominent KSS leader.